Music discovered as a way a of treating cancer

  • As we all know that music has so many benefits its contributing to our life.To mention few, for instance, music can be used for relaxation, for exercising the body to keep fit, as a source of lullabies for children and so  like that because if we keep mentioning its benefits we would never stop for a red light.its vast.

  • And this as now brought about an additional discovery to the benefits of music in our lives which we never noticed even for the health care providers.The cochrane library found out the prove that music helps in solving the symptoms of anxiety, pain and fatigue in cancer patients while also impoving their “quality of life”

  • An associate professor in Drexel University’s College of Nursing and Health Professionss “Joke Bradt” stated that A total of 52 trials were examined in the review , constituting of 3,731 participants with cancer.Of all these trials 23 of the trials were grouped as music therapy and remaining were categorized as music medicine interventions.

  • For the health providers, it was even suggested that music listening may reduce the use of anaestetics and analgestics.And it was later concluded by the researchers that both music medicine and music therapy interventions are very much effective in the care for cancer but its not yet decided on which one to go for.which now brings me the conclusion, health providers  all round the world should now take these cancer treatment  into consideration and reseach more on it.                                                        /ceLEBS discovery


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