Zeiss Introduces A New 85mm For Sony A7

The lens options for Sony full-frame shooters is rapidly expanding – Zeiss introduced the 85mm f/2.4 Loxia on Thursday, a high-end manual focus prime designed for maximum quality.

Prime lenses are becoming more popular options for their quality and the Loxia line capitalizes on that, trading an autofocus system for enhanced clarity in what Zeiss describes as “Virtually distortion free optics.”

Designed specifically for the Sony a7 family, the lens can communicate with the camera body electronically, allowing users access to features like manual focus assist options.

“In terms of its technology and the feel of its surface, the Zeiss Loxia 2.4/85 fits perfectly with the existing focal lengths, and is particularly well suited for portrait photography,” said Zeiss camera lens product manager, Christophe Casenave.

Like the other lenses in the Loxia family, the 85mm is designed just as much for videography as it is for stills, with a design ideal for using with a follow focus.expected to arrive by december with a tag price of $1,399.

                                         /ceLEBS tech 


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