Tech:Reaserchers Track Sharks With the Use Of AI From Distance

Have you heard about how finprinting is the latest thing in biometrics? No, we didn’t misspell fingerprinting: researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. have come up with a way to track sharks over long distances by automating the identification of their fins.


In 2005 researchers at the White Shark Trust discovered that a great white shark named Nicole swam from South Africa to Australia and back again over a nine-month period.

The ability to use AI to better monitor sharks will hopefully reveal more of this kind of fascinating behavior.

“The objective of this finprinting identification system is to create an online international database that will be accessible to white shark scientists around the world at first, and then, in a second stage, open it up to non-scientists,” Michael Scholl, CEO of the Save Our Seas Foundation, told Digital Trends.

                                  /ceLEBS tech


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