The Reason Why You Should Do A Minimal Exercise When In A Paranoid mood-Researchers

The heart can only take so much – and a new study suggests that the combination of strenuous exercise and high emotions may be too much for it to bear.

In the study, working out while angry or emotionally upset was linked to a more than threefold greater risk of having a heart attack within the hour.

They found that each of these factors more than doubled a person’s risk of having a heart attack within the hour, according to the study, published today in the journal Circulation.


Although regular physical activity has many benefits, including heart disease prevention, the researchers said they “Would recommend that a person who is angry or upset [and] who wants to exercise to blow off steam not go beyond their normal routine” and to not exercise at extreme levels, Dr. Andrew Smyth, a researcher at the HRB Clinical Research Facility in Ireland and the lead author of the study, said in a statement.

During the INTERHEART study, the participants answered questions about their activities in the hour leading up to their heart attack, including whether they had been engaged in strenuous physical activity or had been angry or emotionally upset


Both physical exertion and certain emotions can affect the body in ways that can raise a person’s heart attack risk, the researchers wrote in the study.

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