Hillary Clinton’s Election Loss Will Be Very Painful To Women

Hillary Rodham Clinton fell painfully short of a historic win in the U.S. presidential election, leaving supporters bereft as their hopes of a woman in the White House were dashed by Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s groundswell of support, particularly from non-college educated white voters, was too much for Clinton to overcome.

The implicit racism and xenophobia in Trump’s message made a Clinton win that much more important to feminists and progressives determined to prevent a cultural backslide.

While Trump never mastered the most basic points of foreign affairs and constitutional law, Clinton dug into the details of policy.

Trump painted Clinton as corrupt and untrustworthy, and those charges played into old sexist stereotypes of powerful women.

Clinton’s stunning defeat is a catastrophic loss for women who were poised and ready to fight for a progressive agenda, one that Clinton promised to deliver.

Trump toyed with punishing women for having an abortion, a position he dropped after public outcry.

                                     /ceLEBS insight news


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